At The Kite Trip we understand that you would like to get kitesurfing and flying as quickly as possible. We have been involved in kiting for over 20 years, and we have over a decade of teaching experience both in Brighton and abroad.

Our vast experience combined with our love and enthusiasm for watersports make us one of the top kitesurfing schools in the area. We have taught over 450 students to kitesurf since we opened 8 years ago. The online shop is a new feature for us, after years of selling and aiding students with there first purchases we wanted to put our experience online, only stocking the best brands and kit we haves used,tested and flown

Karl Tidy
Head Instructor

Karl has been working within the kite industry for the last 13 years and teaching for 10 years. His knowledge on kit allows him to help us choose the correct kites for the school and make sure we stock the best brands, many of you will know him from lessons or just a friendly face on the beach.

Choice of Kite - Ozone Enduro

Tamas Bogaru
Head Instructor

Tam started The Kite Trip back in 2008 and has helped develop the school alongside Karl, Tam's passion is within the waves but you can see him on the beach throwing some lovely delayed rolls on his twin tip, his enthusiasm for the sport can be seen in any one of his lessons and he is always around to lend a helping hand to any kiter.

Choice of kite - Ozone C4

Simon Horsfield
Team Rider

Any windy day you can find simon flying through the sky! literally flying through the sky, Simon is one of the local riders known for boosting Big Airs of 40 + feet, his technical kiting ability is what made us want him to become part of our team, and we are happy to have him on board

Choice of Kite - Ozone Edge

Russel Stoner
Team Rider

Russel was one of our first students through the school and now one of our favourite team riders, his passion and enthusiasm for the sport is extremely refreshing, Russel rides a full Slingshot setup and can be seen regularly kiting in Brighton And Hove

Choice of kite - Slingshot Rally