About us

At The Kite Trip we understand that you would like to get kitesurfing and flying as quickly as possible. We have been involved in kiting for over 20 years, and we have over a decade of teaching experience both in Brighton and abroad.

Our vast experience combined with our love and enthusiasm for watersports make us one of the top kitesurfing schools in the area. We have taught over 450 students to kitesurf since we opened 8 years ago.

Our kite school is based on Shoreham beach  where we are one of the only 2 schools with permission to teach with backing from the BKSA, Adur council and Shoreham Kitesurfing Club, 

Our Lessons

We Provide all the equipment needed for the lessons, and teach on the latest kites which we update every few months to assure the highest possible safety and best learning experience. There is never more then 2 people to one instructor to assure you have the best teaching experience possible and more time under the kite

Beginner Lessons

Our Beginner course takes place over 3 days, this course has been designed to take you from never flying a kite to getting you up and doing your fist small runs on the board. Our aim when teaching is to help you understand and harness the power of the kite. Our lessons follow the IKO guidelines but have been tailored by us to suit the need of the student and the conditions we are teaching in. 

One to One Lessons

Want to learn to jump, spin, unhook or ride a wave then come along for a one to one, our years of teaching experience can aid you along to becoming an advanced kiter in no time at all.

Kitesurf Clinics

Our bespoke clinics are designed for small groups of riders to get together and learn something new at a lower price point, to take part in one of our clinics you must be able to fly a kite safely and be at the board start level. Our Clinics vary from riding upwind to boosting massive jumps. Want to come along for one of our clinics?  make sure you sign up to our newsletter. 

If you would like to book a lesson they can be purchased from our shop page or just below, for more information please feel free to contact us

Kitesurfing Lessons

All Lessons can be purchased as gift vouchers, pleas get in touch for more information

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